The First Program to Reverse the Effects of Heart Disease

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The Benefits of Synergy

Reverse Past Effects of Heart Disease
Reduce Your Risk of Future Heart Issues
Lessen Your Dependence on Medication
Improve Your Quality of Life

A Better Choice With a Personal Mission

Our mission is to provide our patients with a better option than risky, costly procedures and medicines to their ailments. Backed by over 40 years of research, we teach our patients how to reverse the effects of heart disease and other serious ailments through simple lifestyle changes which are proven to often be more effective than expensive medicines and surgeries.

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Read about some of the participants we have been lucky enough to work with!

"This program literally changed my health, my life and my attitude. I have a new lifestyle and outlook on the future."

Dennis H, Cohort 18

Three heart attacks, five stents was given the option to do Synergy or have open heart surgery

"I went from feeling hopeless at the start of the program, to being the active, happy person I used to be. The only difference is that
I now am healthier and I have a lot more friends!"

Mary, Cohort 17

On the bond formed with her cohort. Originally diagnosed with 80% blockage of an artery

"I drive just under 200 miles per week to participate in this program. It is more than worth every mile and minute I spend on the road."

Wayne L, Cohort 20

Originally diagnosed with 99% blockage of the right coronary artery