The First Program to Reverse the Effects of Heart Disease

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The Benefits of Synergy

Reverse Past Effects of Heart Disease
Reduce Your Risk of Future Heart Issues
Lessen Your Dependence on Medication
Improve Your Quality of Life

A Better Choice With a Personal Mission

Our mission is to provide our patients with a better option than risky, costly procedures and medicines to their ailments. Backed by over 40 years of research, we teach our patients how to reverse the effects of heart disease and other serious ailments through simple lifestyle changes which are proven to often be more effective than expensive medicines and surgeries.

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Read about some of the participants we have been lucky enough to work with!

"After 9 weeks going to the Synergy Center I have eliminated completely the angina, lost over 15 lbs, and am back to living a healthy life. But most importantly, I feel I have been taught the tools and created habits to make this a permanent lifestyle change."

Wes B, Cohort 39

"I was amazed at the immediate results I felt after just one day of being completely vegetarian...In the following weeks My sleep became more restful, my breathing had leveled out, I was no longer wheezing all-night, no acid reflux. I genuinely felt more energy, I healed quicker from my exercise sessions. My overall health and happiness seemed to explode to new levels. ​I have lost 30 pounds, dropped my A1C from 7.7 to 5.8 and my diabetes is controlled. My cholesterol was 197 dropped to 54, an all time low in my life, reduced my waist line by 11inches and my hips by 4inches."

Shane G, Cohort 41

"Had a great cardiologist visit. Weight down 10 lbs and blood pressure 120/60. Very happy with my progress. No sign of cardiac disease!!! Yea!"

Kathy S, Cohort 18

"I have lost 30lbs, and my doctor took me off my BP and cholesterol medications. My total cholesterol is now 117, my LDL is 62, in the past I have had three times these numbers. This program really works!"

Randy H, Cohort 23

"It [The Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program] literally saved my life, and it could save your life too. This program has made me feel better about myself, more so than I have in years"

Karen L, Cohort 36

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